Leather Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

Heaven’s Best has experience cleaning many different type of surfaces including leather. Leather is often forgotten to maintain, but it is important to remember to clean. Discoloration and stains are difficult to remove from leather. You don’t want to ruin the classic look this material gives. Our operators are specially trained to care for and clean leather.

Leather is on many different surfaces from sofas to car interiors. It’s important to keep it clean and conditioned properly in order for the leather to look good long term. Heaven’s Best operators take certain precautions when cleaning leather. They do this to ensure that they do a heavenly job cleaning your expensive leather.

Benefits of Leather Cleaning

Multiple Different Surface Types

All types of Leather Serviced

Preserve Your Investment

Faux Leather and Real Leather

Automobile Interiors

The Leather Cleaning Process

When hired to clean leather our technicians first step is to identify what type of leather they are cleaning. Even if it is the leather seats of your car their first step is to identify the type of leather that needs to be cleaned. The following step is to apply the correct cleaner to break up the dirt. The leather then soaks in the cleaner for the next five to ten minutes. After this the technicians wipe the leather surface down removing the dirt. Next, we apply a conditioner to make the leather soft and smooth. Finally, we wipe down all of the surface with a protectant. This helps to repel unwanted dirt and grime and helps protects the leather from future wear and tear.

Call Heaven’s Best today for a free estimate. We will give your furniture some new life and give it a protecting seal to help keep off future stains and dirt. Leather can be expensive, protect your investment.

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