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Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning Service is a step above the rest because of our specialized process. Our carpet cleaning solution has no harsh chemicals, making it safe for children and pets. Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning formula is also environmentally friendly. Our process allows us to deeply clean and sanitize your carpet and have it dry in 1 hour. These are some of the reasons you will know we are truly Heaven’s Best.

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Carpet Cleaning Process

Once our technician arrives they will confirm that you are agreeing to accept our services. Next, we can move the furniture out of the carpet cleaning area. It is important to note that our technicians are not expected to move extremely large furniture items. Entertainment centers and beds are examples of what we won’t usually move. Once completed we will vacuum the floor to remove dust or debris in the carpet. This is preparing the carpet for the most important step.

Next, the technician places the cleaning solution. This breaks down the grime or stains in the carpet. Our specialty equipment removes the solution with the dirt it has broken down. This leaves the carpet smelling clean and citrusy. There may be tough spots in the carpet that receive this treatment more than once.

Once completed, we move the furniture back with pads placed underneath them. We place the pads to protect the carpet as well as the furniture. The final step is using a carpet rake. The carpet rake has a specific purpose. It helps carpet fibers stand up, which makes your carpet look new and dries the carpet quickly.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our cleaning solutions are kid and pet friendly so customers don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. We make it a priority to show up to appointments on time. Our process is designed so the carpets dry quickly to improve ease for our customers. Clearly Heaven’s Best cares deeply about customer service.


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Call heaven’s Best for your carpet cleaning needs. We have affordable prices and have wonderful customer service. Our products are safe for your family and the environment. We don’t only have carpet cleaning services, we can also service other areas of your home or business. To see the list of the services we offer you can go here.


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